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Below is something you have most likely never seen before....

Glowing comments about Sales Training from experienced management, successful professionals in their field.

What makes Influencing with Integrity and The Language of Sellingdifferent?

Because EVERY other sales training course that we or our clients have seen - teach your salespeople to fail !

If your people are  being taught techniques such as ‘closing the sale’ ' answering objections’ ‘trial closes’ ‘probing question’ and such then they are  not  being taught how  to effectively sell to today’s highly aware clients.

These methods are all about trying to control the outcome.

Most people know what the salesperson is going to say before they open their mouth.

This quickly drives a client into a negative decision mode about the salesperson, the product and your company.

Influencing with Integrityand The Language of Selling are about guiding a process!

Crafting precise phrases, statements and questions that will:

  • Maximize a clients internal buying motivation for your  product or service
  • Eliminate all objections (by not fostering the environment that grows them)
  • Create predictable outcomes throughout the selling cycle and
  • Make finalising the sale easy.

The comments below are typical of the results achieved:

“It is 8 months since we implemented Influencing with integrity we are astonished at the results our market share went from 54% to 67% Our competitors are lost to counter this initiative. An incredible result!”.

National Sales Manager: Schering Plough Pharmaceuticals



What a wonderful tool you have provided South West Airlines. Influencing with Integrity REALLY works! We have had positive feedback from all participants. We recommend this programme - it is an integral part of our sales and marketing process which has produced immediate measurable results.

Marketing Manager: South West Airlines USA



“My first thought was ‘this process is too good to be real’ we trialed Influencing with integrity and then taught it to our entire national network across Australia. The reaction was fantastic. Our lower producers were delivering higher results immediately and our top producers all agreed the structures and language taught sharpened and raised their skill levels, an outstanding training experience which we value highly. The extraordinary effectiveness of this program is well worth the cost.

National Sales Manager: Hunter Douglas Ltd. Australia



“This programme is the only way we sell; it is part of our culture because our entire team had a major input into its creation. This is the best training we have received and used and the only training that we see as being totally effective in the field”

National Sales Manager: Virgin Blue  

“Every sales training seminar I have attended in the past 28 years has been a waste of time – until now! Influencing with Integrity is the most effective training I or any of our 48 attendees have ever experienced. What an astonishing paradigm shift in how to sell to today’s highly aware clients. This is the ONLY way to sell today - our team’s skill level has been fast tracked beyond anything we could have imagined. These people are superb at what they do by customising precise language for every selling environment. Highly recommended to any organisation - apart from my competitors

National Sales Manager: Douglas Pharmaceuticals. Australia  

What could you teach us about selling - We are the most successful in our field with 40 years experience?”  In one word EVERYTHING!  influencing with integrity has turned a great deal of wasted dialogue into a fast, precise and effective way of understanding the clients real needs and then allowing us to make exact recommendations on product match – this is the most effective training we, as a group of management and experiences sales people have ever encountered, results have continued to increase over the past 5 years since implementation”

Managing Director: Trueline Aluminum/ Flexalum / Luxaflex


“Salespeople come through my door every day. Only twice have salespeople impressed me. When you sold us your program & when a salesperson from another company used your techniques. This is the only training program we have purchased from an outside supplier. We are glad we have it.

VP Sales: Word Perfect USA



“The most enjoyable and effective team building exercise we have experienced, outstanding long term skills taught in an enjoyable and fully interactive environment where all participants were 100% committed and later praised the value of the training– highly recommended”

Senior partner: KPMG. Australia

“Skills & Habits is a proven Australian sales and marketing program second to none. We have taken the program and had it customised in a hands-on session with our team of directors and executive staff. A most important tool for every one of us under the Raine & Horne banner

CEO: Raine & Horne Australia

“I have always believed that the only beneficiary of training programs were the companies who sell the training. The Language of Selling is different - it works ! Sales increased by over 100% on the same period last year. I can recommend it to anyone wanting to improve a team’s sales culture and skill level far beyond the competition”

National Sales Manager- Douglas Pharmaceuticals. N.Z.


 “To have such success with each participant is an outstanding achievement.  This program for influencing with integrity has resulted in a far higher direct conversion of applicants to enrolment applications. We highly regard & value this process.

Director CMS - Central Queensland University

 “Any sales person who follows the principles outlined in this program will no doubt achieve success. A powerful training tool that focuses skill to where it can be used by an entire sales team, from the top professional to the newest recruit.

Training Manager - Retire Invest



“The Art of War was an enjoyable and beneficial team building seminar, where all participants were asked to comment post seminar– all indicated a very worthwhile and insightful experience where the skills taught would be of genuine value in interaction with colleagues and clients”

Training Manager- American Express



“This is the only dramatic, effective and revolutionary development in sales training in the past 40 plus years… you have discovered what we’ve all been trying to work out since I began my training career in 1962… Well done, we wish you all success”

CEO - Learning International USA



“This company has created an absolutely amazing sales training program it is producing astonishing results for all of their clients I have spoken to. One of our clients has just told me what I offer is out of the Ark”

Australian Distributor to USA head office - Carnegie Institute



“We can’t produce the customised training you require, if you contact Noble May they are specialists in creating the sort of precise sales skill presentations you need. You will find them to be very good at what they do”

Part of an email from one of our competitors to Custodian Finance



Some of our other valued clients:

Kellogg’s – Alcan - Hunter Douglass – Sanitarium –NRMA – DHL - KPMG -South West Airlines USA

Word Perfect USA – Covey Leadership Centre USA – Aus’ Federal Government Ministers- Hilton USA

Diners Club - Raine & Horne - Yellow Pages - Virgin Blue -Charles Schwab USA - Douglas Pharmaceuticals

 Mercedes freightliner- Amway USA - Custodian wealth - Queensland University – Solvay Pharmaceuticals

Schering Plough pharmaceuticals – Wyeth pharmaceuticals – American Express – Steggles Chickens

 Knebel Kitchens – RetireInvest – Pharmaceutical professionals – Choice Personnel – FPD Savilles

 Malaysian Government – Branson Hotels Canada – Healthrider USA – Herbalife USA – NuSkin USA

 Novelle – Homeshield – Knebel Kitchens,  Hilton Hotel Group.


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