Internet Marketing

The Internet is now the major source of new business leads. 

We generate more business leads for corporate Australia than any other company!

We are now one of the World’s largest owners of .com and domain names with over 60,000 high ranking  business domain names in our portfolio.

Our Search Match Internet division specialists in capturing and directing click traffic to our client’s web sites.

And doing so BEFORE we ask for payment – no other company in Australia does this.

Getting Internet result is all about seeing what clients instinctively type when searching for your products or services then setting about capturing the traffic.

As example: If you were a Dentist in Penshurst we would create a site for you capturing the traffic to this search such as this one below...... (Which is now #1 on Google, Bing &Yahoo) 

This is the only cost effective way to generate business from the net and there is NO ONE better at it in Australia than Noble May Search Match

Why this is a genuine win / win arrangement

  • We will build these search match sites for you at no initial cost whatsoever... not one cent.
  • Thereafter there is a month to month agreement... if you don't get results – don't pay!
  • We give you the passwords to see how many hits and leads you are getting
  • EVERY client we have is generating business from our work
  • Once you are a client we will keep building you more and more links at no additional cost until you dominate the net in your area for your service

Our philosophy is simple – we know we can get you business from the net so there is no risk to us in investing time and money creating these lead generating matrix's as you will happily pay us if you are getting good results and profitable business.

Our fees are from $50 to $250 a month depending on how many links we build initially.


When you think about it ...What is the purpose of a web site?

  • To build corporate awareness, perception and credibility
  • To generate inquiries that are converted to sales or interactions towards higher profitability.

Web sites should be about generating profitable business for as little cost as possible.

The major focus should be on generating business, when you do this the corporate awareness comes free automatically.

Getting more web clicks is about blending IT specialisation with proven sales and marketing structures to identify the potential source of search inquiries from clients and search engines (click traffic) in order to capture the Click Traffic that matters to you.

We have been working with the internet since its inception, many of our IT people in California and London are now in their 40’s and are jokingly called the ‘old men of the internet’  - most started their IT degrees in their teens

It has taken us many years to understand how search engines work and how tom generate click traffic through the use of domain names that match what a client is searching for

The  World Wide Web has become the ultimate signal of the dominance of the information age and in many ways the death of the industrial age.

There are ‘web spiders’ that search the net every second of every day looking at pages and sites, finding and  retrieving the information that they have been programmed to retrieve.

This is then allocated a ‘ranking’ - like getting a gold star on your homework, get enough gold stars and you’re sent to the top of the class.

Most of the web designers in this industry are IT trained who couldn’t (and don’t want to) sell anything! - and have little interest in business or profitability.

We know the value of inquiries and sales - we have taught our IT associates the same paradigm - The end result is a unique company dedicated to capturing clicks (sales inquiries) that produce  RESULTS.

Capturing Clicks

We know how to capture click inquiries from client search.  

By setting our domain name ‘click webs’ we can direct click traffic to a clients site

One client has thousands of domain name links – with the average around 20 -50 .

We specialise in customised Search Engine Optimisation plans for our clients including: consultation, market analysis, keyword research, copy writing, web site redevelopment, link building, search engines submissions and detailed reporting. Our core-competency is search engine optimisation and we take it very seriously.

Link Building

Link building is one of the most important elements of search engine optimisation. I We  customise a link building program specific to your needs and budget.

Web Site Promotion

NOBLE MAY Internet Marketing and our team of writers provides our clients with customised search engine friendly web site copy writing and rewriting. Keyword research, density and placement all are critical success factors to search engine ranking. People do not read pages on the web site word for word; instead, they scan quickly (usually in under 7 seconds), picking out keywords and sentences. In fact, only 16 percent of searchers actually read every word.

In addition, we provide comprehensive writing programs for press releases, blogs, forms and articles.

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